The development of electronic forms (e-forms) in order to substitute and complement the corresponding paper forms represents an area where INCM offers electronic solutions empowered by the new technologies so that the relations between the Citizens and the Public Administration can be improved and facilitated.

The electronic forms obtained this way are numbered and validated by INCM, as a guarantee for its authenticity. This solution enables the completion of the forms online, which are then printed by the user or, in some cases, they are electronically sent to the recipient entity.

The forms were adapted to this support, in terms of size and colour, so that they can be printed in most personal printers. Due to technical reasons, it is still not possible to include in this scope forms that contain invisible ink for optical reading or with book format.

Access conditions

  • Security of Documents of Personal Identification.
  • Be aware of the forms in which colour printing is mandatory in order to be accepted by the recipient services. This indication appears in the catalogue next to the form.
  • Mandatory fields marked with (*). Besides these, all other fields may also be filled online.
  • Before completion read the instructions. In order to do that it is necessary to click on the field name. Whenever there is information available for each field it shall be released.
  • Fill the Personal Data area for billing and enter the email address where you wish to receive the form (in the case of entities with Restricted Access these data are automatically filled).
  • Validate inserted data by clicking Check.
  • In case of paid forms one must wait for the launch of INCM's website for Electronic Payments ( Then the amount must validated by clicking Check. The payable amount may be confirmed by the price indicated in the catalogue.
  • Make the payment through MBNet or credit card and confirm the operation.
  • Once the payment is validated, the form and the instructions for completion will be sent to the requester's email.
  • The fields that had already been filled online will appear filled on the form sent.
  • The form is properly numbered and validated by INCM.
  • After the filling of the form, it should be completed by handwriting or by typewriter to be delivered in the respective department.
  • It will also be sent to the requester's email a document of purchase.

Catalogue (Standard Forms)

Restricted Access

Restricted forms to registered entities