The INCM - Dialogue with the Future forum is a multi-disciplinary space for reflection, dialogue and exchange of experiences and knowledge, with close links to academia and science and to the world of business.

Each session of the forum aims to explore in depth a subject that is relevant to INCM's path of innovation and modernisation. Particular emphasis is placed on best examples and practices for developing new business strategies and expanding the range of goods and services that the company offers to citizens and public and private organisations, both in Portugal and around the world.

Matters as diverse as innovation, technology, science, industry, design, logistics and the modernisation of public services, among other aspects, are discussed by academics, researchers, consultants, industry experts and entrepreneurs, who all have different perspectives and points of view.

Session I: Industry 4.0 (15 March 2017):

Part 1 - Presentation of the Industry 4.0 concept

Part 2 - Impacts on industry and market

Part 3 - Industry 4.0 in Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Session II: Information Security Challenges (15 September 2017):

Part 1 - Information Security: Key Risks and Threats in the Global Context

Part 2 - Information Security in Organizations: Santander Case

Part 3 - The Impact of the Transposition of the SRI Directive (Network and Information Systems Security)

Session III - Intelligent Logistics (6 December 2018):

Part 1 - Stract to Act - Logistics as Strategic Differentiator

Part 2 - Pull Flow in Internal Logistics

Part 3 - External Logistics - Competitiveness through Innovation

Anticipated next sessions:

Session IV - Science and Industry

Session V - Motivation - the language of productivity