INCM produces identification documents that ensure high levels of authenticity of both the document and the holder's identity, preventing forgery and counterfeiting.

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Passaporte Eletrónico Português
Passaporte Eletrónico Português - Tintas de segurança impressão fluorescente
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The progress of information technologies has allowed INCM to produce a new generation of "smart" documents of personal identification, incorporating an electronic chip and using advanced devices of physical and logical security.

To do so, INCM combines the use of modern techniques of security printing using appropriate software as well as advanced processes of personalisation and technologically advanced raw materials (polymers, papers, inks, etc.). All these are combined with a strict quality control throughout the production process.

Within this scope, INCM produces a broad range of identification cards for the Public Administration, for private companies and for several organizations. Particular emphasis should be placed on the Portuguese electronic passport, the citizen card, the driving licence, the residence permit for non-EU nationals, the digital tacograph card, the lawyer's card, the supervisory authorities' identification card and a diverse group of other cards such as the European health insurance card.

In addition to the production of these cards, INCM offers, in many cases, along with its personalisation, the dispatch service to the document holder's address and real-time reporting on the dispatch status to the document issuance authority.

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