The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM) is an exclusively public limited company resulting from the merger in 1972 of the National Printing Office (Imprensa Nacional) with the Portuguese Mint (Casa da Moeda). The long history of the companies that gave rise to INCM is the heir of the oldest industrial establishments in the country. The Portuguese Mint is perhaps the earliest factory in the Portuguese State, with a continuous operation since at least the end of the 13th century.

By incorporating the new technologies into its wide range of activities, INCM is a company focused on the future and committed to overcoming the challenges that its mission puts it in a changing world.

The company is responsible, on the one hand, for the production of goods and services that are essential to the functioning of the Portuguese State, such as the identity and travel documents, the minting of coins and the official publications, which are the Portuguese Official Gazette (Diário da República) and, on the other hand, a relevant set of market products and services, within the same lines of business, to provide other countries with essential utilities, protect brands, identify people and goods, among others.

The evolution of new technologies makes security printing and digital security activities, strategic areas of development of the company empower to deliver the most modern and secure identification documents, in physical and digital support, responding to the needs of a wide range of companies and organizations.

The authentication of precious metal artifacts, a task in which INCM has a long tradition, is now carried out in modern laboratories, accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute.

The issue of essential works of the Portuguese language and culture is another mission for INCM, carried out through its National Printing Office. The State thus guarantees the transmission of the bibliographic heritage of the Portuguese language between generations and provides the publication of new works that continuously enrich it.

Identification of the company

Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S. A., public company.
Head offices: Avenida de António José de Almeida, Edifício Casa da Moeda, 1000-042, Lisboa
Share capital: 30.000.000¤
Registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon with the company tax number: 500 792 887.