Innovation is one of the INCM's main strategic cornerstones, encompassing products, processes, business models and organisational methods in order to ensure the company's sustainability and competitiveness.

A culture of innovation is absolutely strategic for the present and future of INCM.

We place innovation at the heart of collaborative strategy (open innovation) by integrating Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).

As heir to centenary companies, INCM has always been able to innovate, create and respond to both great and small challenges.

To better reach that goal, we have empowered innovation by creating the INCMLAB so that we may, in a structured way, position the INCM in the future, aiming at R&D activities in the following areas:

  • Creation of new physical and/or logical security elements in order to authenticate, identify, certify, track and validate persons, deeds, assets and documents;
  • Development of Information Technologies as regards operative systems, processing, storage and transmission of data and their software and mobile applications;
  • Creation of new products and services related to the introduction of new concepts, new functionalities, new technology, new materials or a new combination of new knowledge and pre-existing technology;
  • Development of flexible, reconfigurable, intelligent, adaptive, networking and mass customisation systems integrated into the Industry 4.0 theme;
  • Creation of new business models related to the incorporation of new technologies conducive to business digitisation.

To this end, INCM has started a collaborative network of external partners (Innovation Network) consisting of dozens of universities, technological and research centres, laboratories and start-ups, investors, suppliers and customers, among other sectorial entities regarded as strategic. The partner network is available on

INCMLAB also has an internal structure that works, in a close and cross-sectional way, with the various organic units of the company and its employees, organised in teams, workshops and discussion forums.

This dynamics has allowed the INCM to develop several RDI Projects, such as those related to increased security of documents, goods and persons, as well as the improvement of productive processes.
Among the achieved R&D results, we can mention the following:

  • The UniQode project, which gave rise to a new encoding technology that may be verified by online and offline mobile devices, preventing product adulteration and facilitating traceability. It is a customizable tool, which also allows the introduction of aesthetic elements into the security system, providing versatility in their use, for example in security documents or in products of high added value. This project, jointly developed with the University of Coimbra, ensures a prominent position in security systems worldwide. By being accessible to its users, it also allows the consumer to become an ally of brands and authorities in the fight against counterfeiting, promoting confidence in the market.
  • Creation of the AlmaScience CoLab, a collaborative laboratory in partnership with The Navigator Company, Nova University of Lisbon, Fraunhofer and Clara Saúde, giving continuity to the project Secret Paper, winner of the first edition of the IN3+ Award. This project aimed to develop new electronic systems using technology embedded and implemented in paper, with application in different areas: traceability and security of documents and products, communication and marketing software, packaging and diagnostic tests in the area of health, among others. All information on this Collaborative Laboratory is available on
  • The ATLAS project, winner of the second edition of the IN3+ Award, aimed to introduce INCM in the era of Industry 4.0, and to pioneer a system based on collaborative intelligent robotics in order to revolutionise logistics within the factory, increasing internal efficiency.
  • Within the coin minting activity, the various innovation projects under way focus mainly on collector coins, by exploring new markets, new technologies, introducing new materials and new artistic concepts.

For further information on these and other on-going projects, see


The INCM Innovation Award aims to select and reward ideas enabling the creation of innovative solutions that may contribute to the social goals of the company.

The award was established in 2016 and had two editions so far. Its value in 2020 is 1 million EUR.

Updated information on this award is available on

You may also reach us by e-mail: