The year 2017 was rich in important events for INCM, highlighting current features of the company's life that will certainly be major features in the future.

We have marked the 10 year anniversary of the Citizen Card, one of INCM's most emblematic projects, which brings together innovation and technology to continuously improve services provided to citizens and the country. At the same time, we began implementing demanding contracts with more than one country in the Portuguese speaking world for supplying electronic passports.

Whenever possible, as was the case this year with the "Iron and Glass Age" coin, created by designer Eduardo Aires, we will attempt to go beyond our limits and present increasingly exclusive and innovative coins, thereby contributing to the development of the collecting and numismatic market, both within Portugal and overseas.

The new "Immediate Responsibility Mark", implemented by our assay office as part of the SIMPLEX + Programme, is another good example of innovation in our products and services.

We want to continue this commitment to innovation, both internally, involving the company's different organisational units and employees in the development of new solutions and products, and externally, in close partnership with the universities and technology and research centres that form part of INCM's Innovation Network, by increasingly mobilising more means and resources for this purpose.

The "Innovation Award", which is already in its 2nd edition and now has several ongoing projects, as well as the "INCM Forum - Dialogue for the Future, are examples of a strategy of partnership and openness to civil society. We are convinced that these will guarantee the company's success and sustainability in the markets where it operates, allowing it to be recognised both in Portugal and overseas as a leader in security products and services that are essential to society.

We also want INCM to be recognised as a promoter of Portuguese language and culture, which is why it has recently become one of the first 10 Portuguese companies to join the Portuguese Language Promotion Company (EPLP) programme of Camões - Cooperation and Language Institute, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is also the raison d'être of the different literary prizes that we have set up, contributing to the up-swell of new titles and authors, not only in Portugal but also throughout the Portuguese speaking world.

Our mission is to create, produce and supply goods and services that demand high security standards, focused on the customer and innovative solutions, without forgetting our commitment to the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture, and for this we rely on the commitment and professionalism of everybody who forms part of the INCM universe.

The Board of Directors of INCM, S. A.

December 2017