INCM's current strategic framework, as regards its structure and principles, derives from the definition of seven strategic guidelines that mark the company's repositioning on the market:

  • Growing activity supported by digital transition, thus taking part in the transformation of its customers and offering new digital and physical security solutions;
  • Internationalisation of the company, boosting the use of installed capacity in export processes and in integrated projects abroad;
  • Innovation of supply, increasing the impact on the security of citizens and businesses, as well as on the efficiency and autonomy of their operation;
  • Increase in internal efficiency and resilience by optimising the organisation and management processes, turning them more productive and logistical and implementing the concept of factory for the future;
  • Development of its employees by strengthening their skills, methods and tools for collaborative activity, as well as a culture of merit and accountability;
  • Increasing the awareness and recognition of INCM hallmarks, supporting business in its various branches of activity and boosting its presence in digital channels;
  • Increased impact and recognition of INCM's social intervention, consolidating the sustainability agenda in its cultural and social dimensions, and accelerating the environmental transition journey.