Diário da República Eletrónico Contrastaria


Carried out in the suport system for the Modernization and Training of Public Administration/Compete 2020

Total Eligible Cost: 2.588.828¤

Public Financial Support: 1.474.337¤

Project Summary

Through this operation, the INCM plans to modernize its administrative activity in order to become more decentralized, dematerialized and simplified organization. This fact will contribute to increased management efficiency and to quality and competitiveness, nationally and internationally, both in the production of basic goods and services to the functioning of the Portuguese State, as well as with regard to the relationship of people and organizations with each other and with the state.

This project is composed of 5 initiatives in strategic areas of the INCM operation that are defined either by its importance in the service, or by the impact citizens and clients/traders INCM.

These initiatives correspond to:

  • Evolution of the Diary of the Electronic Republic;
  • Platform for Interoperability of Electronic Contracting Platforms;
  • Modernization of the Service of Contrast;
  • Electronic Forms Platform;
  • Electronic Complaint Book.


July 1, 2017

Is now available the Electronic Complaints Book, a new service that aims to facilitate the submission of complaints by citizens.

As a first step, online complaints are only possible for essential services such as water supply and waste collection, electricity and natural gas supply, electronic communications and postal services.

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