The publishing of essential national and universal culture works is also part of the INCM tasks, thus contributing to preserve, promote and enrich the bibliographic heritage of the Portuguese language, and ensuring that this legacy is passed on to the future generations.

Almanaques e Outros Dispersos - Eça de Queirós
R2 - Coleção D - Silva Designers
O Teatro de Revista e a I República - Ernesto Rodrigues e A Parceria (1912-1926) - Pedro Caldeira Rodrigues
Arquitectos Segurado - José Manuel Fernandes

In 2018, Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda has celebrated two and a half centuries of book publishing activities, a journey started in 1768 with the establishment of the Royal Press, which became known as the National Press in 1833, heir to a vast publishing experience and a staggeringly large catalogue.

The preservation and promotion of Portuguese culture's common memory and heritage, along with continuous renewal is the mission entrusted to the publishing area of INCM's Edition and Culture Unit. Renewal is a friend to memory: new authors rise up through the ranks and new collections are inaugurated alongside long-standing works and authors, traditional subjects and collections, giving the editorial line published by the publications unit a slant that keeps it in synch with contemporary issues.


INCM publications are renowned for their rigour and high quality and include a range of collections and subject matters. Emphasis should be placed on the publication of the complete works of authors such as Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Almada Negreiros, Branquinho da Fonseca, Domingos Monterio, Eduardo Prado Coelho, Jaime Cortesão, José Régio, Manuel Teixeira-Gomes, Tomaz de Figueiredo and Vitorino Nemésio, as well as critical editions of the works of Almeida Garrett, Camilo Castelo Branco, Eça de Queirós and Fernando Pessoa. Publication of the complete works of other fundamental authors in Portuguese culture is currently being planned.


New areas of INCM's editorial line include design, architecture, biographies, modern history and modern theatre, highlights of which are the Coleção D(D Collection), a monograph version dedicated exclusively to Portuguese designers, and the Grandes Vidas Portuguesas(Great Portuguese Lives) collection, made up of biographies of famous Portuguese historical and cultural figures, written and illustrated for young audiences. Both of these collections are the result of partnerships.


The establishment of protocols and partnerships with a range of institutions - mainly in the area of public cultural entities, as well as private entities - has contributed to a dynamic that increases and expands the range of publications made available to citizens.
For instance, exhibition catalogues of several Portuguese museums and palaces form part of this extraordinary publishing activity, through an agreement signed with the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage.
INCM’s editorial strategy in these projects adopts a very institutional perspective, prioritizing partnerships with entities that share the basic principles of INCM's editorial mission.

The following editorial partnerships entered into over recent years should be highlighted:

  • Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage
  • Ancient Art National Museum
  • Contemporary Art National Museum
  • House-Museum of Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves
  • Archaeology National Museum
  • Ethnology National Museum
  • Queluz National Palace
  • Ajuda National Palace
  • D. Maria II National Theatre
  • São Carlos National Theatre
  • São João National Theatre
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Presidency of the Republic Museum
  • Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth/National Sports Museum
  • SCML (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa)
  • Lisbon City Government
  • MUDE — Design and Fashion Museum
  • EGEAC/Fado Museum
  • Historical Sciences Research Centre (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa)
  • CLEPUL — University of Lisbon's Faculty of Arts Research Centre
  • Art History Institute (FCSH-UNL)
  • Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation
  • SPA — Portuguese Authors Society
  • Mário Soares Foundation
  • IDN (National Defence Institute)
  • SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service)
  • Pato Lógico publishing house

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