1. The customer agrees to use this service abiding by the applicable laws and regulations in force, as well as by the terms and conditions listed below.
  2. INCM may, at any time, alter, in whole or in part the terms and conditions herein.
  3. The customer may not change the content of the Service or send messages that contain computer viruses or that can cause any other damages.
  4. Online shop customers are considered final consumers, subject to VAT liquidation, with the exception of residents of countries outside the European Union.
  5. The process of sale is subject to the compliance with the regulations set by the Law no. 25/2008 of the 5th June, concerning the regime for the prevention and repression of laundering the benefits of illegal provenance and the financing of terrorism.


  1. Products suitably identified in their specific catalogues can be purchased in the shop online.
  2. If a product is not available in the shop online it does not mean that it is out of stock in the INCM; it may be available through another channel of distribution of the company.


  1. The prices shown in the catalogue include VAT at the current rate at the time of purchase, but they do not include postage costs.
  2. The price of the product, the value of VAT and the postage costs are displayed before the final validation of the purchase.
  3. Any other costs resulting from shipping packages abroad, including customs clearance costs, will be the sole responsibility of the buyer of the product.
  4. INCM informs that prices are exclusive in https://www.incm.pt/portal/loja_main.jsp Online Shop INCM and that prices may differ in physical stores INCM.


  1. To order a product, chosen from the existing in the product catalogue, it must be placed in the shopping basket.
  2. For some products, properly identified in the shop online, the purchase may be limited to a certain number of items.
  3. The customer may cancel the order by sending an email to: incm@incm.pt within 24 hours after the INCM has received the order confirmation.
  4. The request for cancellation will only become effective when the order's number and the customer's name is mentioned.
  5. Within 30 days of the delivery of the articles, the customer has the right to terminate the contract, by returning the ordered articles, not having to indicate any reason thereof, without any costs, being reimbursed by INCM of the total amount spent, except for the values set forth in the following paragraph.
  6. If the customer resolves the contract, having had expressly requested a different and more costly form of delivery, the amount exceeding the delivery costs normally charged by INCM, shall not be refunded.
  7. The right to resolve the contract may be exercised in accordance with paragraph 5, by actual return of the article and by sending to the email address incm@incm.pt an unequivocal statement of the intention of return in which shall be indicated : the customer's identification (name, geographic address and e-mail address); identification of the article, order number, and date of reception of the article, duly signed by the customer if this statement is delivered in paper form.
  8. Alternatively, the customer may communicate the intention to return the article by completing the form available here.
  9. INCM will sustain the return postage costs, when the article is damaged or if an error has occurred in the dispatch. In the remaining situations, any return shall be borne by the customer.


  1. The products can be paid by one of the various electronic means of payment available, in which case the costs are borne by the customer and charged in the bill of sale.
  2. In case the payment is made through the system of "payment of purchases" or "payshop", INCM holds the ordered product during 24 hours, after that time, in case there is no confirmation of payment, the order may be cancelled.
  3. The "payshop" payment system is only available for purchases in the amount of 5 euro or above.
  4. If the buyer of the products is a holder of INCM "Customer Card", he may discount his check offers in the Shop online.
  5. The check offer cannot be discounted on the value of currency exchange at face value, or on postage costs.
  6. More than one check offer can be used in the same purchase, provided that the total amount of the purchase is higher.


  1. In mainland Portugal orders are usually delivered from 3 to 5 working days after the payment date.
    The same will follow through CTT Expresso (with delivery rescheduling notice). They are not left at the local CTT post.
  2. In the Autonomous Regions, depending on the Islands, the delivery time may vary from 3 to 8 working days.
    The same will follow through CTT Expresso (with delivery rescheduling notice). They are not left at the local CTT post.
  3. Deliveries to Europe and to the rest of the world vary according to the destination and the transportation time.
  4. Deliveries of orders may, in individual cases, suffer a delay in delivery due to rupture of stocks.


  1. The delivery of products purchased in this service complies with the laws applicable in Portugal regarding to distance selling trade (Decreto-Lei n.º 24/2014, of February 14 altered by Lei n.º 47/2014, of July 28, published in Diário da República available in https://dre.pt).
  2. The Customer/user has the right to complain about any defect, error or inadequacy of the product concerning what was ordered, within the legal deadlines established for this purpose.
  3. Normal finishing coins are produced to enter into circulation and obtained with high speed coining and packaging processes. The contact between the coins of each batch might induce small scratches on the surface. These scratches are not admissible as cause for a complaint. Any other complaint due to defects on these coins has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.


  1. The individual online shop registration is made in "Registration".
  2. This registration allows an easier purchase process, by saving the identification data of the customer, allowing a customer's immediate identification, without the need for new input.
  3. The customer may update his personal information online whenever he makes a purchase at the online shop.
  4. Upon registration, the customer can choose to join the program "Customer Card INCM", with all the associated benefits that may be consulted in this internet address, at the identified location.
  5. Each access is restricted to its user and assured by the use of a login and a password that should be altered on the first login.
  6. These informations are sent to the customer's email to allow the confidentiality and its further utilization is the sole responsibility of the user.
  7. Associated with your registration you will receive email with information about marketing campaigns and our newsletter being at your disposal the option opt-out in the emails received.

9. Privacy and Security Policy

  1. INCM collects personal data from the customer with the purpose of managing the customer's account, billing, providing information, according to the express authorization for this effect, making a commitment to privacy and security in processing and maintaining each customer's personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  2. The whole payment process, from the selection of the means of payment to the introduction of data inherent to the order's payment process is duly protected through physical and logical procedures, as well by the application of information security practices inherent to our activity.

10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  1. This Agreement is governed by Portuguese law.
  2. The resolution of disputes arising from this agreement is of the competence of the District of Lisbon Court, with the express waiver of any other.