Detail of the inside façade of the administrative building
Detail of the inside façade of the administrative building

Casa da Moeda building listed as a monument of public interest

January 2, 2013

The Casa da Moeda building has been listed as a monument of public interest, by means of decree signed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier, published in Series II of the Official Journal (Diário da República) of 31 December 2012.

That legislative instrument states that the reasons for such classification of the building are its inherent aesthetic, technical and material value, the "genius of its designer", the architect Jorge Segurado, its architectural and urban design, its importance in terms of historical or scientific research and the keystone nature of the property.

The decree also sets out, besides the classification, a special protection area for the building, taking into consideration the constraints of the site and, in particular, its interrelation with the property. This special area encompasses the surrounding urban zone and favours, whenever possible, a visual relationship with the property.

The legislative instrument highlights the innovative approach of the building’s architecture, which departed from the more orthodox international Modernism towards styles less well known in Portugal. It also points out that the Casa da Moeda has no typological parallel in this country, due to its functional nature, and that the building is also of unique value as witness to the complex Portuguese modernity.

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