Mobile Digital Identification: Challenges and Opportunities - White Paper INCM Lab

September 21, 2021

Mobile services and applications are multiplying on an unprecedented scale at a global level, playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Faced with this reality, it is urgent to find mobile digital identification solutions that can guarantee security and trust in the relationships that citizens, companies and governments establish with each other in the virtual world.

Discover our vision and approach to the world of mobile identification, with special emphasis on solutions that aim to meet the needs of an increasingly digital society, in the white paper Mobile Digital Identification: Challenges and Opportunities.

The INCM Lab White Papers are objective and succinct articles produced by the INCM’s Innovation and Development Management, with the support of our Innovation Network. These articles aim to make known, to customers, partners and the community, the innovative solutions and projects that the company is developing in its different fields and areas of activity, analyzing the state of the art, the current technological context and showing the different perspectives, so that everyone can follow what we are creating and what we can offer in the future.

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