Republic of Moldova's flag
Republic of Moldova's flag

INCM prints new passports for Moldova

August 22, 2014

INCM has completed the printing of new passports for the Republic of Moldova, including photo pages, internal pages and the cover pages for almost 200,000 copies of the document, as part of a subcontract entered into with the company responsible for producing the new Moldovan passport, which selected INCM as their partner for this project.

A detailed assessment was performed of the quality of INCM's manufacturing processes and security system, involving the production of a specimen passport. This process led to a certification for the company as a document production subcontractor and the acknowledgement of its competencies and know-how in the security printing business sector.

This affirmation of the INCM's competencies and high levels of security is also relevant to projects related to the production of new secure documents of personal identification for Portugal, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe, particularly citizen identification cards, passports, driving licences and residence permits for non-EU nationals.

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