Exhibition Industry, Art and Letters. 250 Years of the National Printing Office

September 6, 2019

Today opened to the public the exhibition Industry, Art and Letters. 250 Years of the National Printing Office, which makes known the history of the National Printing Office, covering two and a half centuries of editorial, artistic and industrial activity. The exhibition, with free admission, will be on display until November 24 at the Picadeiro Real do Antigo Colégio dos Nobres, in Lisbon.

Organized in 10 nuclei, which follow a chronological narrative, the exhibition crosses several dimensions that, not constituting thematic lines, are transversal to all historical reading, from its industrial path to editorial activity, from its artistic dimension to its formative role in the area of graphic arts, finally, to the performance of a public mission that was conditioned by different political contexts but that always gave it a strategic role.

Through memories, equipment, books and historical documents, the exhibition presents the history of type casting, typography, printing, engraving and lithography workshops, technological and editorial heritage and technical and artistic education. In addition to the history that dates back to its creation by royal license in 1768, the evocation of the 250 years of the National Press also includes a reading about the present and the future of the institution and its innovation challenges, especially those associated with the security printing and access to knowledge in the digital age.

The National Printing Office has been promoting a broad program of initiatives to commemorate the 250th anniversary, integrating editorial, cultural and valorization activities from its foundation to the present. The celebration program involves several partners and is intended for the general public.

Currently, the National Printing Office continues its mission as a public publisher, cultural agent and disseminator of the Portuguese language and culture. It is also responsible for the publication of the Diário da República (official journal) and for the production of books, publications, printed matter, bulletins, among other security documents.

Historian Inês Queirós is the scientific coordinator of the exhibition, which was designed by ateliers Aires Mateus and FBA.

Venue: Picadeiro of Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (National Museum of Natural History and Science). Rua da Escola Politécnica, Lisbon

Hours: Tuesday to Friday - 10h00 to 17h00; Weekend - 11h00 to 18h00; Closed on monday and holidays

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