The new driving license model incorporates several improvements in its safety design
The new driving license model incorporates several improvements in its safety design

New driving license model now available

January 11, 2021

The new driving license model has an innovative design, within the standards defined at European level, which incorporates an improvement and a security validation. This design results in combined offset printing and silkscreen techniques, combining a more harmonious visual aspect of the background with anti-copy motifs - guilloches, microtexts and lines of varying thickness - impossible to reproduce by conventional means. Another element that now provides greater security to the card is the presence of an MLI lenticular structure (multiple laser image) in which, depending on the angle of observation, the laser engraved photo of the holder on a reduced scale or the number is identified on the document. In this new model it will also be possible to include, on the back, the ability to drive agricultural vehicles represented by a tractor.

This new driving license model prepares the path from the physical to the digital world, through the introduction of a two-dimensional code (QR Code) that can be easily read using a smartphone, which points to the functionalities of IMT - online.

Produced in the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM) since the 60's, the driving license is a document that, until today, has numerous changes. From the material to the security systems like holograms, going through changes in the information presented, as was the case of the disappearance of the driver's address in the document. The numerous elements that compose it have been renovated over the years in order to guarantee the security of the document and data in such a relevant area.

Gonçalo Caseiro, Chairman of the INCM Board of Directors, adds that "with the evolution of the driving license, the INCM once again inscribes the tradition of innovating in the portfolio of many Portuguese citizens. Include innovation in all the documents we produce in this century-old factory it has been a path that we have taken at great speed, always following national and European standards, and ensuring the security of everyone who trusts the institution. I am sure that we will continue this journey with the best partners and with increasingly innovative solutions”.

Eduardo Feio, President of the IMT Directive Council stresses "the importance of the new European driving license model as a document which, due to the security features implemented, guarantees a reinforcement of the authenticity of the information provided in the document. This new model fits in with the work developed by IMT in recent years, since the launch of the IMT online platform, in order to dematerialize the driving license, in accordance with international certification standards, IMT maintains its commitment to a continuous improvement of the services provided to citizens and companies. "

It should also be noted that IMT, in collaboration with the INCM, the entity responsible for the production of driving licenses, is developing the project for the issuance of "Carta na Hora" which allows the delivery of a driving license to the citizen, after personalization , just in time.

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