INCM has the mission of publishing the Official Journal (Diário da República), through which all citizens become aware of the acts that govern the life of Portuguese society. This publication is fundamental to the entry into force of these acts.

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The Official Journal (Diário da República) is published electronically and made available by INCM at as a free, universal access public service, with a subscription service for access to advanced search systems in the DRE and in the Digesto legal database.

The Official Journal (Diário da República) is composed by two series:

In the 1st series are published laws and other regulatory acts created by the sovereignty bodies (The Presidency of the Republic, The Parliament, The Government and Courts of Law) as well as the National Elections Commission.

In the 2nd series are published government regulatory acts, such as ordinances and dispatches, central and local public administration acts, acts by institutions with essential supervisory and regulatory functions, such as the Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank), as well as further acts from autonomous public entities.

The 1st series, besides a daily electronic format edition, is also edited in print only for private customers, and is also available as a monthly compilation in CD-ROM and an annual compilation in DVD-ROM.

INCM daily receives through electronic means the acts to publish in the Official Journal (Diário da República), directly from the responsible entities and organizes their publication in an order of precedence defined by law. The sending of acts for publication is set in the "Rules of Publication of Acts in the Official Journal (Diário da República)", published in Legislative Order no. 13/2009 of 1 April, 2nd series.

The text of the acts to publish is sent directly by electronic means in the website, through the links "Envio de Atos de I Série" and "Envio de Atos de II Série" respectively.

The Judgements of the Supreme Administrative Court are also published in electronic format, as an appendix to the Official Journal (Diário da República).

INCM participates in the European Forum of Official Journals and works together with several official journals from Portuguese speaking countries, that can be accessed at

The website ensures accessibility to citizens with special needs, according to Council of Ministers Resolution no. 97/99.

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