As part of its efforts to keep pace with technological evolution, the INCM offers consultancy, development, implementation and management services for secure electronic systems, supported by dematerialised management platforms.

The continual evolution of information and communication technologies associated with internal research and development processes allows the INCM to offer digital solutions that support the issuing of security documents based on secure dematerialised processes.

It should also be mentioned that in-house research and development capacity is aimed at making available a high level of customisation, adaptation and integration of each solution that is presented, in accordance with the specific functional and technical requirements of each project.

We would like to emphasise the following regarding these solutions:

  • Platforms for collecting, processing and validating variable, biographical and biometric data used in the personalisation of documents;
  • Development and maintenance of IT systems for document life cycle support;
  • Development and management of multiple electronic platforms with automatic integration with the means of payment most commonly used in the online and e-commerce services processing market;
  • Solutions for the control and tracking of logistics activities related to document distribution and delivery;
  • The development of digital certification applications and systems for the secure electronic use of smart-card documents, guaranteeing the authenticity of people engaging in electronic transactions;
  • The development and implementation of applications for online verification and validation of the authenticity and integrity of documents and content (doc@authentic);
  • Dematerialisation solutions for processes where computerised data formats replace physical formats (paper);
  • Hosting of third party solutions and IT systems that require high safety standards;
  • Document management and dematerialisation services.