The INCM's Strategic Challenge for Sustainability seeks to address the concerns and ambitions of all stakeholders in a balanced way, resulting in 7 Strategic Guidelines, two of which - Innovation and Internationalisation - have inspired the Agenda for Change and promoted the remaining dimensions: Customer Oriented Growth, Internal Efficiency, Employees' Personal Growth, Notoriety and Recognition and, finally, Cultural, Social and Environmental Impact.

Under a holistic approach, INCM subscribes the global sustainability agenda, bringing together in its strategy, in an integrated manner, priorities for action in economic, environmental, cultural and social dimensions, in line with global priorities translated into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for monitoring the guidelines for this strategy, promoting the integration of sustainability principles into the company's management process by aligning the INCM with the best national and international practices.

Any questions or information requests on sustainability may be submitted to the Sustainability Committee, to email address: