The INCM Sustainability Report presents the Strategic Challenge of Sustainability on the economic, environmental, cultural and social dimensions, for the company and its stakeholders, and was drawn up in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), in the 'Agreement' - key (Core) option, as well as the other non financial disclosure and diversity obligations laid down in Decree Law No 89/2017 of 28 July.

In addition to an initial chapter presenting the INCM and a more technical chapter on the Management of Sustainability, the 2019 Sustainability Report has a chapter for each Strategic Orientation pursued over the last three-year period, with a number of initiatives and projects as well as the main activity and results achieved. The material topics resulting from the Materiality Analysis are identified and developed throughout the document and can easily be tracked through the consultation of the GRI table as an integral part of this document.

Consult and find out about the INCM, which is today a reference company, the result of the mission entrusted to it by the history and the best way in which the public interest entrusted to it is carried out, as well as on the basis of a safety culture, conscious of the responsibility it assumes in the functionng of the Portuguese State, towards its customers and to society in general.